Monthly Archive: May, 2012

The Resolute Bay Crash

Last August, a group of Canadian Rangers stood on a hillside near Resolute Bay, NU, surrounded by evidence of a disaster. First Air 6560 had crashed just hours before, killing 12 and injuring… Continue reading

Taloyoak’s Finest, part 1

Today, we’ll start introducing you to some of the Rangers who’ll be starring in our series. There are over 60 Rangers in the Taloyoak patrol – all very accomplished men and women –… Continue reading

Dennis’ Diary: Returning to my roots

I like to think I can handle any situation, especially when it comes to travelling in Canada’s rugged North. I grew up in Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories, and most of my youth… Continue reading

Steph and Chris Walk a Day (or four) in Ranger Shoes

(photo by Tobi Elliot) Whiteouts. Seal hunts. Polar bear tracks. Four straight 30-50 mile days. Teaching traditional skills. Exploring an old church mission. A shooting competition. Feasting on raw fish (and Fig Newtons).… Continue reading

Dennis and Paul’s 50-mile trek

Dennis and Paul recently found themselves out on the tundra, disoriented after trying to follow their Ranger companions on a caribou chase. It turns out those animals are fast: they were able to… Continue reading

12 Ways to Cook Caribou

The other day, production coordinator Tobi Elliott purchased a caribou shoulder from a Taloyoak resident. After defrosting it—the shoulder had been buried in an outdoor stone pile for a month—she turned it into… Continue reading