Taloyoak’s Finest, part 1

Today, we’ll start introducing you to some of the Rangers who’ll be starring in our series. There are over 60 Rangers in the Taloyoak patrol – all very accomplished men and women – and while we can’t tell you about all of them, we will present you with a few descriptions that will give you a better idea of just who these Rangers are:

Abel Aqqaq:

Well-respected, Aqqaq is the Sergeant of the Ranger patrol. He spends much of the year out on the land, but is also responsible for organizing a lot around town, and can always be seen zipping around town on his four-wheeler. Abel has been a Ranger since 1984, when the patrol in Taloyoak first started. People come to him for advice, he acts as a guide, a mechanic for skidoos, and ATVs.

Case in point: when Moses Iqalliuk fell ill with pneumonia on the DFO patrol, Abel organized his swift return to Taloyoak so he could be airlifted out to Yellowknife to receive proper treatment. He’s a steadying force out on patrol, as well as in town.

Leah Neeveacheak:

A mother of 8, Leah manages to balance all her work at home with her responsibilities as a Ranger, which she takes great pride in. For her, being a Ranger is about learning  from the Elders and being out on the land. She works hard to be a good role model, and is proud that her 17-year old son aspires to be a Ranger, too.

When she’s not out on the land, Leah works at the health centre in the administrative department. She loves jigging for trout (seen above). Below, she’s looking for the wooden ice crawler, which is used to set a fishing net under the ice.

Check back early next week for more sketches of the stars of our series!