Summer Camp Junior Canadian Rangers Style

The Junior Canadian Rangers’ eighth annual Enhanced Training Sessions are underway. This year the program is located in Whitehorse. It runs until July 1st, when the Junior Canadian Rangers march in the Whitehorse Canada Day Parade.

Wendy Alookee from Taloyoak chopping wood at the JCR Enhanced Training Sessions.

Over 200 young rangers are selected from Atlin, B.C. and the three northern territories, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut, to partake in the summer program. This year’s group includes 11 Junior Rangers from Gjoa Haven and 13 from Taloyoak. The Junior Canadian Rangers put the skills they learned throughout the year to the test in a series of challenges. This year’s schedule includes a swift water rescue as well as abseiling and woodsmanship competitions. The events run for seven days

Adult committee members and the Canadian Ranger Patrol in the 37 Ranger communities select each year’s participants. The highest performing Junior Rangers are chosen to attend the sessions. It is a high achievement to be asked to attend. There are two levels of the program, basic and advanced, and the your are assigned based on their skill level.

The program is a lot like a summer camp. It is a great opportunity for the Junior Rangers to travel to a larger city, leave their own isolated communities, and meet other Junior Rangers. In the end, they return home with exciting stories to share with their community members.

You can keep updated on their daily sessions by checking out their Facebook Page.

Ian Qilluniq at the Junior Canadian Rangers Enhanced Training Sessions 2012.