Happy Nunavut Day: Celebrating 13 years as a territory.

Happy Nunavut Day!
The colors of the flag represent the riches of the land, sea and sky. The two halves are separated by the traditional Inukshuk, which were used as guides and markings of sacred places. The blue star represents the North Star, which many used as a navigational guide.

For nearly 50 years before Nunavut was even a territory, the 1st Canadian Rangers Patrol Group has been protecting its land and people. Almost half of the 59 patrol groups are located in Nunavut, so it comes as no surprise that Nunavut Day has a special place in many Rangers’ hearts.

Nunavut day celebrates the passage of the Nunavut Land Claims Act in Canadian Parliament on July 9, 1993. It was not until six years later on April 1st that Nunavut officially separated from the Northwest Territories to become its own Canadian territory. At first, Nunavut Day was celebrated on that day, but one year later it was moved to July 9th, a date that held more meaning to the people of Nunavut.

Nunavut Day is a statutory holiday in Nunavut, so many people have the day off from work. The people of Nunavut celebrate this iconic day in many ways. There are communal meals and barbeques, speeches by leaders in the community such as Premier Eva Aariak, traditional dances and games, presentations on the future of the province and educational games to help young people learn more about their territory. The winners of the Nunavut Day Cultural and Academic grants are also announced on this day. These grants are given by Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. to 10 ambitious young applicants who are focused on promoting, preserving and celebrating Inuit culture. They also go to young people who want to pursue post-secondary academic programs.

Nunavut Day is a day for Nunavut residents to take pride in the accomplishments of their territory. It was established to celebrate the unique culture that Nunavut brings to Canada and to recognize the imporatance of preserving that.

Happy Nunavut Day from the team at Picture This Productions!