The National Marksmanship Competition Hits Quebec


This past Wednesday we had the opportunity to attend the National Marksmanship Championship held by the Junior Canadian Rangers in Valcartier, Quebec. From April 23rd to 25th, the competition featured sixty-five Junior Canadian Rangers putting their skills to the test in a variety of precision shooting challenges.

The event was a great opportunity to connect with groups from across Canada, as well as help promote Watchers of the North. To our surprise, many in attendance were already aware of the series and are extremely excited to eventually see the finished product. Despite the fact we were not yet able to show a sneak peak, the word about Watchers continues to travel, far and wide!

 We would like to congratulate all of the Junior Rangers in attendance for their impressive displays of accuracy, as well as the organizers and the city of Valcartier for holding such an important and impressive event!

 For more information on the Canadian Rangers as well as the National Marksmanship Championship, visit their Facebook page.

Photos and videos from the event can also be found on their Facebook page.