A Day in the Life of a Translator

A not-so-beautiful photo essay.


Fighting to Preserve Inuktitut:

Who do you call when 25% of the footage for your TV series is filmed in Inuktitut? Picture This contacted Kevin Kablutsiak.

Lost in the North

Canadian Rangers don’t only watch the Canadian borders; they are also the protectors of the people from the harsh nature in the North.

Fast Facts: CRPG 1

Happy Nunavut Day: Celebrating 13 years as a territory.

For nearly 50 years before Nunavut was even a territory, the 1st Canadian Rangers Patrol Group has been protecting its land and people. Almost half of the 59 patrol groups are located in… Continue reading

Summer Camp Junior Canadian Rangers Style

The Junior Canadian Rangers’ eighth annual Enhanced Training Sessions are underway. This year the program is located in Whitehorse. It runs until July 1st, when the Junior Canadian Rangers march in the Whitehorse… Continue reading

A short history of throat singing, part 2

In part two of this series, we’re going to be talking a little about how exactly throat singing works: how they create those sounds, layer them, and create the final product that sounds… Continue reading

A short history of throat singing, part 1

Last week, in one of the final filming days, DOP Steph Weimar was able to get some footage of Wendy Alookee and Dana Totalik, both part of the Junior Rangers patrol, throat-singing out… Continue reading

How to make a Ranger: the JCR program

Being a Ranger is an honor in Taloyoak and Gjoa Haven, coveted by men and women alike. So it’s not surprising the youth of these communities look for the day when, as teenagers,… Continue reading

The Resolute Bay Crash

Last August, a group of Canadian Rangers stood on a hillside near Resolute Bay, NU, surrounded by evidence of a disaster. First Air 6560 had crashed just hours before, killing 12 and injuring… Continue reading