Taloyoak’s Finest, part 1

Today, we’ll start introducing you to some of the Rangers who’ll be starring in our series. There are over 60 Rangers in the Taloyoak patrol – all very accomplished men and women –… Continue reading

Dennis’ Diary: Returning to my roots

I like to think I can handle any situation, especially when it comes to travelling in Canada’s rugged North. I grew up in Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories, and most of my youth… Continue reading

Steph and Chris Walk a Day (or four) in Ranger Shoes

(photo by Tobi Elliot) Whiteouts. Seal hunts. Polar bear tracks. Four straight 30-50 mile days. Teaching traditional skills. Exploring an old church mission. A shooting competition. Feasting on raw fish (and Fig Newtons).… Continue reading

Dennis and Paul’s 50-mile trek

Dennis and Paul recently found themselves out on the tundra, disoriented after trying to follow their Ranger companions on a caribou chase. It turns out those animals are fast: they were able to… Continue reading

12 Ways to Cook Caribou

The other day, production coordinator Tobi Elliott purchased a caribou shoulder from a Taloyoak resident. After defrosting it—the shoulder had been buried in an outdoor stone pile for a month—she turned it into… Continue reading

Tobi’s Diary: Keeping All Fingers and Toes, pt. 1

It’s hard to describe what “sub-zero conditions” feels like, unless you’ve been there. You think you’re prepared, with your Gore-Tex coat and your Sorel boots, your North Face fleece and your MEC wool… Continue reading

Canada’s North Warning System

The other day, a bunch of Gjoa Haven’s Rangers set out on patrol to check on the North Warning System, a line of short- and long-range radar towers that covers 4,800 km west-east,… Continue reading

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about igloos but were afraid to ask

The crew was out last week to film some of Gjoa Haven’s residents build one of the most famous images the North: the igloo. If you’ve ever wondered how to build an igloo,… Continue reading

Our trusty steed

Tobi Elliott, our production coordinator, recently sent us these pictures of the van that’s going to be carrying our crew—and equipment—in and around Gjoa Haven. And it’s seen better days, to put it… Continue reading

Canadian Rangers Project

Are you interested in finding out more about the Canadian Rangers? One of the most thorough and passionate researchers on the subject is Dr. Whitney Lackenbauer Dr. P Whitney Lackenbauer is a widely… Continue reading